And I’m back!

Hello! I am dusting off the ole photo blog and plan on posting again. Sorry I wandered off. I plan on sharing my images again and this is the perfect place to do it. So, I’ll share a few photos with you now and will begin adding themed posts again shortly. I will have a fantastic post coming up for you next week when I share images from my wonderful friend Stephanie and her husband’s wedding reception!

Boys entrance at the Harrisburg, PA Y.M.C.A.

Boys entrance at the Harrisburg, PA Y.M.C.A.

Curved tile at the Y.M.C.A. in Harrisburg, PA

Curved tile at the Y.M.C.A. in Harrisburg, PA

Beautiful tile at the Harrisburg Y.M.C.A.

Beautiful tile at the Harrisburg Y.M.C.A.




There is so much editing you can do to photos.  Some of it is great.  You can erase things in the background that distracts from the image, you can lighten an image, you can straighten an image, you can turn it to a black and white image or a sepia one.  There are those who believe you can go too far with the editing process.  There are those who dislike HDR (I am not one of them).

Tonight, I decided to play a little with the filters in Photoshop Elements.  I really liked how this turned out.  I think you may be seeing some more edited images in the near future.  They are really fun to play with.

Original Image from Harrisburg Photo Walk in July 2010

Fun editing of above image. Love it!

Christmas Challenge: Day 11

Jingle Bell 5k (3.1 miles) long-sleeve shirt and bells! Love running with bells on.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are busy.  Sometimes I feel like it’s hard getting in all the things extra things I have to do, let alone sticking with all the things I normally do.  I am a runner and honestly, running in the winter is my favorite time to run.  But, this time of year, it’s hard to get it in with so much other stuff going on.  One fun way to get in my running is signing up for a holiday race.  Last year, hubby and I signed up for the Jingle Bell 5k in Harrisburg and loved it!  It’s for a good cause (Arthritis Foundation), we get the only long-sleeve t-shirt of any race we run in, and they give us bells for our shoes!  How cool is that??  And last year, we both set personal records for a 5k, so it was a no-brainer to sign up again this year.

The temperatures were actually colder this year than last, which we had a hard time believing because the thing we remember the most about this race was the cold (oh!  And the hills…the hills… I’ve decided they are on Santa’s naughty list.).  But, once you get running, you warm up and all is well.  A big ole thank you goes out to all the staff, volunteers, and police who made this run so much fun!

What are you doing to keep your exercise plan on track during the holidays?

A silly photo of my fabulous hubby, myself, and a Hershey chocolate bar. Happy Holidays!


Susquehanna River…from above

Two of the parking garages from Sunday faced the Susquehanna River.  If you’re never seen it, it’s a beautiful river that starts in NY and ends at the Chesapeake.  Our little area has been built up nicely with a walking/running path along Front Street, several picturesque bridges, and taking one of the islands and making it a fun recreational area.

So, on a beautiful Friday, here are some pretty photos of the Susquehanna River from above.

Super Wide Angle. Houses and businesses leading up to the bridge to City Island. This bridge is pedestrian only, which is really nice when you walk across and not have to worry about traffic.

If you click on the image to make it larger, you will see people running on the bridge. Sunday was the Harrisburg Marathon and runners crossed the bridge to City Island to finish. We could hear the cheering from across the river.

Another Super Wide Angle. I'm realy liking this lens. Looking up the river you see the edge of City Island and more pretty houses in Harrisburg.

The last parking garage we entered was at sunset. When the sun goes down over the river, it is just beautful. Will be going back to get a ground eye view soon!

This view is also at sunet looking the opposite way. The bridges you see are vehicular bridges, where people can travel over the Susquehanna River from East Shore to West Shore and back.

Market Square Presbyterian Church

I love old things.  I do.  I’m a history geek.  I love going to museums, old houses, churches, historical buildings.  Give me a great exhibit and I’m there.  I love adaptive reuse – taking an old historic building, updating it, and using it for a modern use.   The people who do this are my heroes.  It’s so easy to want to tear down and rebuild, but to take a beautiful old building and give it new life?  Ahhh…makes my heart happy.

As the group headed to our last stop on the photo walk, we came to the Market Square Presbyterian Church.  Gorgeous.  Seriously.  There are some seriously lucky people who marry in this church and all I saw was the outside.  I could imagine such fabulous photo ops here.  Made my heart want to photograph a cute couple in front of it.

Here are some of my favorites from the church.  I took a bunch, but I like these the best.  Maybe it’s just me and my love of history, but you have to respect a church that has been in Harrisburg since 1794.

Look at those spirals! Gorgeous. And with the sun setting, the sky had a fabuous blue color. Love it!

The Steeple. The sky is killing me! Oh how I love steeples...

Beautiful, no? It's so gothic. It makes me think a little piece of Europe was transported to Harrisburg.

Love the clouds and modern building reflected in the glass. The contrast of old and new side by side? Aweome! Next to the church is a modern parking garage. At least the church members have a place to park!

See? 1794. Post-Revolutionary War, but still before the nineteenth century. I am always in awe when I encounter a building several hundred years old. The pure history of it fascinates me. One of the reasons I realy like the East Coast. We may not have the history of Europe, but it's great to walk down cobblestone streets and see buildings from the 1700s mixing with modern office high rises.

Interesting is everywhere

Ever think you are somewhere that hasn’t anything interesting to share?  I was getting that feeling myself Sunday in the parking garages we visited.  But, I kept looking around.  Not just at what I could see of Harrisburg from the top, but what was right there in front of me.  As I looked, I found more and more.  it was like a treasure hunt.  What would each parking garage present?  And I found a few things that I thought interesting.  What do you think?

Heavy metal cables to keep your car from driving into the ones below. These were the first interesting things I found.

I thought this was an interesting design. Basket weavesque.

Birds are a problem apparently for parking garages. These spikes lined the entire top of the second parking garage.

Did you think I was done with the super wide angle? It was the perfect lens for a spiriling parking garage.

As we were leaving this parking garage for the next, this just screamed out to me. Awesome.

The third parking garage. Complete open construction. Such interesting lines...

Through the parking garage levels. This took quite a while to get, but it makes me think of infinity.



Beautiful City Island

City Island across from Harrisburg, PA, is a fabulous playground for young and old alike.  It’s the home of the Harrisburg Senators, the double-A affiliate of the Washington Nationals (remember Stephen Strasburg?  Yea, he came through here.)  There’s a mini-golf course, a carousel, batting cages, a railroad, and the Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat.  All sorts of fun stuff to do in the spring, summer, and fall months.

I headed over there on Friday to see if I could grab some fun pictures of fall.  I’m no tree specialist (I don’t even know what they’re called!), but there weren’t a ton of fall trees there.  Maybe I came to early?  Maybe the trees there aren’t the type that change?  I don’t know.  I did find one tree I fell in love with!  Gorgeous!  I also found some additional fun pictures around the island.  And the offer still stands – anyone who might think a photo session on City Island would be fun, let me know!  I completely want to go over there and have some fun!

This tree hasn't changed colors, but it is sure a nice shady spot on the Harrisburg side of the river.

The Susquehanna River from the Harrisburg side. This river starts out in New York and flows into the Chesapeake.

One of the many bridges that connect Harrisburg to the other side of the river. I love the old stone bridges, so pretty.

Strictly a walking bridge from Harrisburg to City Island. This bridge was designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. I can see why!

I saw this tree as I was walking across the bridge and oh, I wanted it's picture. Gorgeous isn't it? The perfect fall tree.

How can you not find the leaf colors beautiful? THIS is what living in the Mid-Atlantic is like during the fall.

Soon, the bland colors of winter will be upon us and all that will be left of the beauty of the warmer months will be leaves such as this.

The Pride of the Susquehanna docked across from Harrisburg. I never thought of paddleboats outside the southern states, but it makes sense that at the time they would be all along the rivers of the country.