Let Teddy Win!

Before sharing with you the Atlantic League All-Star game held at the home of the York Revolution at Sovereign Bank Stadium, I thought I’d share with you some images I had published on the Let Teddy Win! blog.  For those not in the know,  the Montreal Expos (baseball) moved to Washington D.C. in 2005, then as an extension of the Dollar Derby from their initial stadium, the team began the President’s Race in 2006.  Four of our most well-known Presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt – began racing around Nationals Park.  To date, Teddy (our 26th President) has never won a race.  Ever.

Because of this, a movement was born – Let Teddy Win!  A blog that follows the adventures of POTUS 26 and chronicles all the many ways Teddy has been kept from crossing the finish line first. So, when the President’s took a ride up I-95 to support the Atlantic League at their All-Star game in York, I knew I had to document it.  Once photographed, I contacted the dedicated people at the Let Teddy Win blog and offered photographic evidence of the hard-working Presidents.  He accepted and today, you can find my take on the President’s Race and photographs of the race.  Check it out!  And learn about and join in the movement to Let Teddy Win!

Let Teddy Win! ~ Nationals racing presidents at All-Star Game


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