Ferris Wheel at PIFA Street Fair

So, you may remember I enjoy photographing Ferris Wheels (you can check it out here.)  One of the reasons I was so excited to hit up the PIFA Street Fair was the Ferris Wheel on Broad Street.  A. I thought it neat that they would set up a Ferris Wheel on Broad Street and wanted to see what that would look like and B. I like taking photographs of Ferris Wheels.  Not sure why, but ever since the York Fair last year (2010) I’ve enjoyed seeing what I can do with them.

So, I took a couple images of the Ferris Wheel during the day (which you can see in my last post), but I was really waiting til the sun went down and the lights on the Ferris Wheel would shine.  That’s when photographing a Ferris Wheel to me is the funnest.  All the colors and how they change.  So much fun!  Here are a few of the photos I took Saturday night.  To me, they just exude fun.  Happy Friday!

Ahhh...pretty Ferris Wheel. The colors on this one remind me of Cotton Candy. How can you not like it?

A little more purple and blue in this one. Still had that cotton candy feel to it. And what goes better at a street fair than cotton candy?

I like this one because of how the colors are so distinct. So often they blur together, but here you can see yellow, dark pink, light pink, and a hint of blue.

Sometimes Ferris Wheels are all one color. I really like this blue color. It's just so pretty.

Green and blue are such a great color combination. Love them together on the Ferris Wheel!

This reminds me of a crayon box. All the colors just kinda mished together, but all pretty in their own right.

The Patriotic Ferris Wheel. Very aptly colored for a Philadelphia Ferris Wheel.


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