PIFA Street Fair

This past Saturday, I headed off to Philadelphia to check out the PIFA (Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts) Street Fair. For 2011, PIFA’s theme was Paris and since I have now been to Paris, I determined I must attend.  Throughout the month of April, PIFA sponsored boatloads of artistic activities all throughout the city, capping off the month with a day-long, free street fair.

The street fair blocked off Broad Street from Chestnut Street through Lombard Street, hosting multiple activities down the street.  A Ferris Wheel was set up, a children’s garden, a stage for live music, vendors, wine tastings (Blue Mountain Vineyards) and gelato (Capogiro).  I will say, it was packed that day (I’ve heard estimates of 150,000 people) and really hard to move around or access some of the activities.

That didn’t stop me from grabbing some photos of the day.  Here are some highlights from the PIFA Street Fair 2011!

I admit, this isn't part of the Street Fair, but how could I not capture this image? Philadelphia's City Hall built in 1901 reflected in one of the city's sky scrapers.

A street fair isn't complete without a Ferris Wheel!

Inside the Kimmel Center (a performing arts venue along Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts) hosted an Eiffel Tower inside the lobby. I've heard it will stay up a few more months!

The Kimmel Center has lovely natural lighting as the roof is made of glass. Along the ceiling were various trains, cars, and airplanes flying around. I personally liked the shadows they cast.

I believe the street fair really shone at night when the lights came on. Strung across the road were white lights and the buildings lit themselves up in color.

Love the color in this one! I think Ferris Wheels come alive at night.


One comment on “PIFA Street Fair

  1. Nicole says:

    That reflection of the city hall pic is a masterpiece! You have such a good eye! Love it!

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