Melnick Family Mini Golf Outing – Central PA Photographer

This past weekend I visited my very first college roommate Nicole and her family.  We both attended Elizabethtown College in (yes) Elizabethtown, PA.  We started in January (she as a transfer student, me as a freshman), rather than the typical August (rebels that we are) and have been friends ever since.  Maybe it’s the Jersey girl connection, maybe it’s the starting school at the wrong time connection, maybe it’s the odd sense of humor we share, who knows?  What I know is, 16 years later we’re still friends and I had the chance to photograph the Melnick’s playing mini-golf this weekend.  She has two adorable little boys, Luke (5) and Shawn (3) who are just learning how to play and looked just darn cute with their golf clubs!  Check out the family playing mini-golf!  It was a ton of fun and can’t wait to see you guys again!

Concentrating hard. He took mini golf seriously!

Nice form! With attention to detail like that, look out Masters!

Shawn started off hitting the ball the regular way, but honestly, it just wasnt as fun as just doing your own thing.

I love this image! He did like to hit the ball into the hole, he just wanted to start closer to the hole.

I remember doing this as a kid! They twirled those clubs like pros (and not a single person was hit with a club! Wish I could say the same about my twirling ability...)!

The Melnicks heading to the next hole.

Marching around with the club was fun too!

Shawn wasnt going to let his older brother have all the marching fun!

They look so serious here. Comparing their shots, deciding just the right angle to hit it to the hole. It takes thought to do it right!

Shawn is the adventurer. He not only mini golfed, but he mountain climbed and power jumped!

Luke is a ham! Just loved the camera and had such fun posing! He is going to break hearts some day. Seriously.


2 comments on “Melnick Family Mini Golf Outing – Central PA Photographer

  1. Linda, Nicole's Mom says:

    Chris: I just love the pictures and your comments regarding them are even better. Can’t wait to see the remainder of the pictures. Keep up the good work. Sorry I missed you this past weekend. Next time we all have to have a drink or something to eat, or whatever. Fondly, Linda Hoffmann

  2. Nicole says:

    Love these! Can’t wait to see the rest! You have a great eye – that pic of the family from the back is awesome!

    PS – Our Shawn in with a W. I think the trouble everyone always associates with that name is the spelling! LOL!

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