Sunrise over Virginia Beach

I just love sunrise photos.  The colors are so beautiful.  The issue I have is that sunrise is so early in the morning.  If it could come a little later in the day, it would be so helpful.

So, how did I get these images?  Last month I cheer leaded the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon for the hubby.  We were up bright and early for him to get to the start line by 8:00 a.m.  Way earlier than I like, but eh.  That’s what you get when you race, early start times.

These images all come from Virginia Beach, a beautiful stretch of the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast.  And Neptune to watch over them all.

If you had breakfast at this outdoor restaurant, you sure had a gorgeous view!

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

Sunrise through the palms. Notice the top of the palm trees? Yea, the wind was whipping!

Neptune watching over Virginia Beach.


2 comments on “Sunrise over Virginia Beach

  1. toemailer says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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