Memories you can hold

One of my favorite wedding photos from my wedding in 2001.

I just love (and am jealous of this) slogan from Shutterfly.  I saw this on an internet advertisement the other day and literally slapped my hand to my forehead thinking, “why didn’t I think of that?!?”  It’s so true.  Photography is all about recording memories – wedding, children, families, events.  But, in this new age of digital photography, where you can take thousands of images, it is becoming more and more common for people not to print them out.  They want all the digital files themselves so they can share their images on Facebook and email to friends and family.  Which I understand, but what do they do with the images after wards?  Are you making a nice book with them (rather than letting the professional lay it out for you?)?  Are you printing select images out to hang around your house (using Wal-Mart photo center for price rather than your photographer who uses professional quality paper and ink?)?  Are you taking advantage of the fantastic new photo options in photo printing available in canvas, tile, etc.?

I’m betting no.  I’m betting those images are sitting on a disc or on your computer’s hard drive doing nothing.  All that time and effort made to record your family’s history and it’s just sitting there taking up space.  It’s not adorning your wall so you can smile at your wedding photo when you go to bed at night.  It’s not hanging in the living room where you can admire the grandkids as you watch television at night.  It’s not gracing the dinning room wall adding the current generation of your family to the photos of your grandparents and great-grandparents.

I admit, I have more photos on my computer than I have printed out, but I do have a wedding photos (like the one above) in frames around my house, as well as images from my 2006 vow renewal.  I have photos from vacations printed and hanging in my hallway (Jamaica, Florida, Louisiana, Italy, England, France).  There are photos of my friends and family all around the house, including that photo of my grandparents on their wedding day in 1944 in a church in England.  To me, having photographs on my computer is not enough.  I want to see them, touch them, hold them.

Shutterfly is right.  Photographs are memories you can hold.  Don’t let them just sit on your computer collecting dust.  Print them out.  Frame them. Hang them.  Enjoy them.  Because they are your history.


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