More Snow

A short-lived shadow. A snow fell overnight and left this gorgeous tree shadow. Shortly after this photo was taken, the snow was removed and so was the shadow.

Snow in the Mid-Atlantic is nothing new.  For the first 6 weeks or so of the year, it seemed we would enjoy a Tuesday into Wednesday snow storm every week.  For the past 3 weeks, no snow fell on our little corner of the world.  For the first time this past weekend, I noticed the ground beneath the snow.

And then last night, a snow storm came blowing in from the Midwest and there was snow once more on our streets.  This shadow caught my eye this morning.  I knew it to be a short-lived shadow as it crosses the driveway, so I grabbed the camera and captured it before the snow blower sent it away.


One comment on “More Snow

  1. Brian says:

    Beautiful picture! I removed the snow, I only wish I could remove the cold weather as well!

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