The Joy of Love Day 5: Love to hate

The workings of Elizabeth the Kitten...the only cat with claws

Oh Elizabeth the Kitten.  She’s the only kitty in our house with front claws.  She was too old when we brought her home to get her declawed, which we thought would be a good thing as she was so much tinier than her brothers.  It would give her an advantage.  Nope.  She has decidedly never used her claws to hurt her brothers or defend herself per se.  But, she claws at the furniture.

This chair has been in my family for years.  Like, since I was a child years.  It has traveled several houses and went from NJ to PA, where I am now.  Higgy and Pooka have always loved sitting on the back of it.  Now, Elizabeth tends to scratch the back of it.  Which is frustrating considering…

there is a scratching post leaning up against the back of it.


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