The Joy of Love Day 3: Then and Now

Elizabeth the Kitten: Then and Now

As you know, my hubby and I adopted Elizabeth the Kitten from the SPCA in 2006.  She was about a year and a half when we brought her home.  She was a tiny 6 pound little thing, who had ear mites and kennel cough.  She was so sad when we brought her home, no energy.  As her medications kicked in, her energy levels surged and when we would go into the room she was in (to keep her from infecting her soon-to-be brothers and to acclimate her to her new surroundings), she would eat her kitty food and then barrel over to us.  It was the cutest thing!

Now, she’s gained a few pounds (hubby affectionately calls her barrel kitty) and is a sweet, loving kitty.  She’s a total lap kitty and she’s the perfect addition to our little family.


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