Cone Head

In my household we have three kitties – Higgy, Pooka, and Elizabeth.  All of whom you’ve seen photos of (they tend to be a favorite subject of mine).  Sadly, our little Pooka is the one plagued by medical issues.  Recently, he started taking a hyperthyroid medication to adjust his metabolism.  It was working great…until he apparently developed an allergic reaction.  His ears itched him so badly that he scratched up the area on the front of his face.  We had the vet check him out and he’s now on a topical antibiotic to keep them from getting infected, but to keep him from making the scratches worse he’s wearing a cone.

Now, I love this cat to death.  We’ve done all sorts of things to keep him alive.  But, I have to admit, the cone is cracking me up.  I feel awful about it too, as he just looks so sad.  But, I just can’t help but laugh when I see him in it.  See what I mean?

Sprawled out in a sunbeam. This is what Pooka does every morning. I'm glad the cone hasn't kept him from that.

There is no way this is comfortable. You can also see what he's been doing to his ears in this photo. And trust me, just having it on overnight has done wonders to those scratches!

This is the face that makes me sad.


2 comments on “Cone Head

  1. higpoo says:

    He is not a happy cat, I can tell you that. He goes from being mad to being very depressed. Poor kitty.

  2. Nicole says:

    That second photo is priceless. He looks so pissed and evil. Typical cat. 😛

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