Pet Photography

I’m a huge pet person.  I’ve had pets my entire life…minusing 6 months after my beloved Sheltie had to be put to sleep.  When I was a baby, we had a huge dog named Panda Bear Bruce Spruce.  I had no say in the name, but he was a cutie!  I have no real memories of him, but I have seen photos.  The first pets I remember were my Siberian Husky Nikita and our somewhat demonic black cat cinder.  To this day, I am partial to Huskies and black cats.  😉  When I was 6, we adopted a Shetland Sheepdog, whom I became creative in naming Fluffy.  He was my faithful companion for 14 years, until he had a stroke and we made the toughest decision in putting him to sleep.  The vet told us it was the best decision for him, but oh how it hurt.

I swore then and there that I would never, ever have another pet.  I just couldn’t handle losing another person (yes, my pets are people!) I loved.  But, after six months, I realized how much I missed having a friend to come home to.  So, after my second to last semester of college in 1998, I adopted two 12 week old kittens – one tuxedo cat and one tabby cat.

And honestly, they are probably some of the most photographed cats in the world!  I am slightly embarrassed to say how many photos I have of them…over 2,000… So, you can see how passionate I am about my family.  They are members of my family, no doubt about it.  And I believe anyone who has pets, has a little bit of that in them.  They are loving people who care for those depend on them.  And I think if you have pets, you want those images that speak to your pet’s personality.  You want to remember them as they are…their quirks, their loves, themselves.  Let me tell you a little about my furbabies.


My Higgy.  He chose me when I went to adopt two cats.  He jumped in the box I was going to take home my new friends.  Since then, he has been the quirkiest cat I’ve ever met.  Over the years, it has become obvious he is a little neurotic.  LOL!   He was diagnosed as obsessive compulsive when just a couple years old because he cleans himself constantly.  So how appropriate to have a photo of him cleaning his paw?  It’s just the Higgy way.


Pooka is our sweet boy.  He is Higgy’s brother. Yup, they are brothers.  I know they don’t look alike, but they are from the same litter.  And he really has the opposite personality than his brother.  He is the calmest boy, who purrs at the drop of a hat.  Which is good, since he’s been the most expensive cat in the world.  LOL!  He has had bladder stones removed (via surgery), diabetes, and now he has hyperthyroidism.  But, his health problems never get him down and just being around him puts you in a better mood.


Elizabeth is our little shelter cat.  And when I say little, I mean it.  She looks like she’s still a kitten and weighs less than 9 pounds.  I have never seen a cat more cuddly than Lizzie.  She loves to sit on your lap, leg, shoulder, back… It doesn’t matter, if she can get her little body on you, anywhere on you, she’s there.  And if you try to remove her, she growls at you.  It’s really quite amusing.

These are my little babies.  I want to have a record of their lives.  They are my friends, confidants, and responsibility.  I take that responsibility seriously and I know other pet owners feel the same way.

Because of this, I would be honored to photograph your little friends.  Contact me to arrange an appointment.


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