The Joy of Love Day 1: What they do

Higgy, my adorable tabby

Elizabeth the Kitten

What they do?  Alright, I hear ya.  What do cats do?  Well, mine wake up every morning on the bed with us.  Higgy (top), tends to sleep at the bottom of the bed throughout the night.  He sleeps on my side of the bed, right up against my legs.

Elizabeth the Kitten cracks me up!  Ever since we put the electric blanket and heated mattress pad on the bed, she makes it a priority to scoot under the covers to lie between the two.  She scampers under the blankets, curls herself up against me, and just purrs louder than I’ve ever heard a cat purr (could be that she is lying about 3″ from my head…).  It really is the funniest thing.  If the blankets do not get pulled up for her, she paws at them until we move them for her.

So, this is what two of my cats do every morning.  And honestly, it’s a wonderful way to wake up.


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