I’d do anything

For anyone who has loved a pet, you know you’d do anything to keep them healthy.  Well, we had a bit of a scare with our tabby Higgy over the last last month.  He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in November, then his meds got a little off kilter, and he stopped eating.  Seriously.  The cat who literally would chase other cats away from their food bowls before he had finished his, wouldn’t eat.  Completely out of character.

So, off to the vet I went to see what was going on.  Turned out it was the lack of medication, which was the opposite of what we though.  We thought it was the meds causing the lack of eating.  Well, Higgy wasn’t eating, so I asked if we could give him yogurt, which is his favorite human food in the whole wide world.  The vet enthusiastically said yes, so we grabbed some yogurt and gave him all he could want.  And yes, we fed it to him by the spoon.  I’m not sure why it never occurred to us to just put it in his bowl, but it didn’t.  We spoon-fed him yogurt.

This is what it looks like to spoon feed a cat yogurt.  So, you can see, I’d do anything for my little tabby.

Higgy loves yogurt. His favorite flavor we quickly realized is blueberry. He would even eat the blueberries in the container!

It's a good thing he's always been a yogurt fiend! No matter where he was in the house, if you opened a container of yogurt, he was right there waiting.

How can you say no to this face? He would go through a container a day. The more calories the better!


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