Christmas Challenge: Day 24

Getting ready for our Christmas Eve dinner. We always make a delicious meal for Christmas Eve when we're at home.

On Christmas Eve, hubby and I make a home made meal, light the Christmas tree and some candles, and turn off the lights.  We started the tradition so that we had a little us time at the holidays since our families live so far apart (100 miles).  With such a distance and so much visiting, we don’t want to forget to celebrate together.

This year we made a turkey casserole dish for dinner and bruschetta.  Yes, yes, I know.  They don’t really go together, but we normally make an Italian meal of some sort for Christmas Eve, but since Christmas Day this year is lasagna rather than turkey, we switched our main meal up, but kept the side dish.  And a BIG shout out and thank you to my friend Nicole who gave me the delicious tomato bruschetta for my birthday.  It. Was. Devine.

Do you have a family Christmas Eve tradition?


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