Christmas Challenge: Day 22

Where did all the bags and wrap go? Oh, two days before Christmas, I'm sure I know where it went!

One of the best places for holiday stuff is the Dollar Store.  Seriously.  This is where I buy all my Christmas cards, wrapping paper, bows, and such.  It’s all those little things that you don’t really account for that all of a sudden you’re like, wow!  Totally forgot the gift tags and the bags! The Dollar Store is perfect!  Not only do they sell all those things, they are so affordable!  I get to spend my money on things I would much rather spend it on…like PRESENTS!  Who wouldn’t rather have a cool present rather than expensive wrapping paper?  *raising my own hand*  Just sayin..

And apparently, I’m not the only one.  😉

Not only were the bags and tags sold out, but where are all the ornaments? Whole walls sold out. I swear I didn't do it just for this photo.


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