Christmas Challenge: Day 19

Cocoa, the Hershey Bears mascot, takes a shot outside the Giant Center in Hershey, PA. I am going out on a limb and saying he made the shot.

It’s cold around these parts and traditionally cold weather locales encourage cold weather sports.  For many people this would indicate skiing or snowboarding, and while you can do that around here, I much prefer hockey.  I can barely stand on ice skates myself, but I do enjoy a good ole fashioned American League Hockey game, especially when it’s the Hershey Bears.  Sunday night we headed to Giant Center at the HersheyPark complex to see the Hershey Bears take on the Charlotte Cheetahs (yes, Charlotte, NC.  Why they have hockey is beyond me).  The Bears boast an impressive 11 Calder Cup (think Stanley Cup) wins in their history, the most of any AHL team.  They currently are back-to-back Calder Cup champions (2009 and 2010), which is really cool.  And yes, they won Sunday night 6-3.

Outside the stadium is this specially designed lighted Cocoa, the Hershey Bears mascot.  He’s one of the best mascots I’ve seen in that he is so happy all the time and he’s a whiz on ice skates.  I love heading to games where he stands outside the stadium and waves to you as you drive in.  Though it is funny because he is tethered to the ground since he doesn’t have a handler with him and it’s hard to see out that costume!

Do you have a favorite cold weather sport?  I’m betting more than a few people will say football.  LOL!


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