Christmas Challenge: Day 18

The old steel bridge allowing people to travel from one side of the Conewago Creek to the other. Now, there is a concrete bridge that does the job. It's not as pretty though.

You may wonder what this photo has to do with Christmas.  Well, around these parts, the weather has been strange.  The temperatures have been fairly chilly, with lots of little squalls of snow coming through.  We haven’t been hit by large snow storms so far this winter (unlike last year when we had 20″ of snow this weekend!), but the temperatures have been chilly enough to cause the Conewago Creek to begin freezing over.  It’s really neat to see!

Christmas in the Mid-Atlantic can be cold.  Some years, not so much, but this year seems to be one of those cold years.  I also heard tell of possible snow showers on Christmas Eve leading into Christmas Day!  How great would a white Christmas be?  Oh it would be grand!

The edge of the riverbank with the ice covering the water. Beautiful isn't it? The Susquehanna River, which the Conewago Creek flows into, also has sheets of ice. It's sure a cold winter so far!


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