Christmas Challenge: Day 17

Our Christmas card display. I love having a place to hang all the lovely cards we recieve this time of year!

As you know, I send out Christmas cards.  I love mail, so I figure it’s only appropriate at this time of year to send some glad tidings of cheer to friends and family.  And I love getting cards in the mail myself.  Many years ago now, I was shopping at the outlets and I saw the adorable Christmas card stand.  I immediately fell in love and had to have it!  It’s so fun seeing all the cards decorating the tree each year.

Did you know that Christmas cards were popularized in Great Britain during the Victorian Era?  Yup, Christmas cards haven’t been around all that long (a little over a hundred years if you’re unfamiliar with the Victorian Age.  The Victorian Age is the term for the years of the reign of Queen Victoria [1837-1901] in England).  Cards to be mailed at Christmas first appeared in 1943, but it wasn’t until 1870 when postage prices reduced due to the railroads that brought items across country faster than ever.

What do you do with your Christmas/holiday cards?  Do you have a specific place to hang them or a display you use?


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