Christmas Challenge: Day 16

Freshly fallen snow

Living in the Mid-Atlantic in the winter gives you all sorts of weather.  Some winters are mild and the temperatures never really cause you to break out the gloves, scarves, and hats.  Other winters, whatever clothing you can put on before heading out you do.  Last winter was one of those winters.  We had 20″ of snow on December 19th.  Not a particular record, but sure inconvenient!

But, if truth be told, I love snow.  I love how it gives even the harshest landscapes a soft and pretty feel.  I still have that little kid feeling when it snows, even if I don’t always get a snow day out of it.  But, snow always makes me smile.  And today, ladies and gentlemen, we had snow.  Not much, just a dusting, but snow.  This photo was taken while the snow was still lazily coming down from the sky this afternoon, landing on the trees and ground so prettily.

What’s it for you?  Is snow something you wish for?  I personally dream every year for a white Christmas.  Several years ago, it snowed just enough to put a very pretty little coating everywhere.  Sometimes snow wishes do come true.


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