Christmas Challenge: Day 15

Delicious winter tea. Perfect for a cold winter's night.

So, I’ll admit it  I’m an Anglophile.  Love everything British…well, maybe not so much some of the food, but tea?  Yea.  Tea.  I’m addicted.  I have more tea than any one human should in their cabinet.  I love the holidays because they always come out with fun winter/holiday tea.  That Eggnoggin?  Delish with a little milk (this and Chai are the only types of tea I add milk to).   Having a nice cuppa (as Eliza Doolittle would say) with breakfast or late at night before bed is wonderful.

Yummy hot chocolate. So reminds me of being a little kid!

Being a card-carrying Anglophile, I generally aim for hot tea when I want something warm to drink, but honestly, how can you ignore a hot, steaming mug of hot chocolate?  It just seems like the hot beverage of the season.  What would caroling be without it?  What would tree lightings be without hot cocoa?  What would waiting for Santa be without this delicious beverage?

What about you?  Do you drink tea or hot chocolate during the cold winter months?  Do you prefer tea or hot chocolate?


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