Christmas Challenge: Day 12

Before today’s post on the Christmas Challenge, I just want to share that this is post 100!  Woohoo!  How fun is that?  Thank you to everyone who visits my little corner of the internet!  I am very happy to have you.  And in honor of 100 posts, chocolate chip cookies for everyone!

Holiday from scratch chocolate chip cookies. Cookies always say Christmas to me!

Today, hubby and I started the holiday baking.  I’m a sucker for Christmas cookies.  I much prefer to bake than cook, not sure why.  I grew up on home made baked goods (as well as home made meals).  This is what happens when your dad was the chef in the Coast Guard and your mom grew up with lots of siblings.  But, the holidays always make me want to bake and today, I got started.

We use the traditional Toll House Cookie recipe, why not?  It’s worked for over 100 years!  We’re not stingy in the chips department either.  We put the whole bag in!  Growing up, half a bag.  Now that I’m an adult, the whole thing goes in.  Yes, I now need another bag for another batch, but I’ve never had an issue with a cookie not having a chip.  😉

Adding the chocolate chips to the batter. Yum!

I tend to make small cookies.  I like having lots of cookies rather than a few large ones.  Maybe I’m weird, probably.  I just like having lots of cookies around when I make them.  When hubby makes them, he tends to make them larger than I do.  This time around, we made 5.5 dozen (about 78 cookies).  Lots of cookies.  Though I wonder how long they will last…

See? Tiny. But not small on taste!

I prefer soft cookies.  I’m not into the hard ones, though if the edges are a tad crispy, I’m ok with that.  To make sure my cookies stay soft and chewy?  I bake one minute less than called for.  Toll House calls for 9-11 minutes of baking.  I bake for 8 minutes.  And they stay soft (and will stay soft as long as they are stored correctly).

Cookies after baking. They don't turn out large. And ignore the baking sheet...I need new ones. LOL!

The best way to cool cookies are on cooling racks.  I have a set of three that I’ve had for years.  How long?  I bought mine when Bradlees was going out of business in the mid-1990s.  They are one of those items, that if you bake, you need.  And if you’re careful, you can make this baking utensil last through the years.  When I’m done with mine, I put them back in the box they came in and voila!  Well taken care of cooling racks.

Chocolate Chip Cookies cooling on cooling racks.

In case this post got your baking juices flowing, here’s the recipe for the Original Toll House Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.  So, what cookies say Christmas to you?  Any cookies you just have to make at the holidays?


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