Christmas Challenge: Day 11

Jingle Bell 5k (3.1 miles) long-sleeve shirt and bells! Love running with bells on.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays are busy.  Sometimes I feel like it’s hard getting in all the things extra things I have to do, let alone sticking with all the things I normally do.  I am a runner and honestly, running in the winter is my favorite time to run.  But, this time of year, it’s hard to get it in with so much other stuff going on.  One fun way to get in my running is signing up for a holiday race.  Last year, hubby and I signed up for the Jingle Bell 5k in Harrisburg and loved it!  It’s for a good cause (Arthritis Foundation), we get the only long-sleeve t-shirt of any race we run in, and they give us bells for our shoes!  How cool is that??  And last year, we both set personal records for a 5k, so it was a no-brainer to sign up again this year.

The temperatures were actually colder this year than last, which we had a hard time believing because the thing we remember the most about this race was the cold (oh!  And the hills…the hills… I’ve decided they are on Santa’s naughty list.).  But, once you get running, you warm up and all is well.  A big ole thank you goes out to all the staff, volunteers, and police who made this run so much fun!

What are you doing to keep your exercise plan on track during the holidays?

A silly photo of my fabulous hubby, myself, and a Hershey chocolate bar. Happy Holidays!



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