Christmas Challenge: Day 8

Pooka trying to look innocent as the poor Dicken's villagers run for their lives.

Today’s post I believe will ring true for many people.  As you know, I have three cats (Higgy [12.5], Pooka [12.5], and Elizabeth [7].  For some unknown reason, Higgy and Pooka have become kitten-like in their interest in the Christmas tree this year.  When they were literally kittens and for a few additional years, the tree would be on the floor several times over the Christmas season.  Always at night, so in the morning you would walk into the living room and the tree was down.  So far this year, they haven’t managed to get it on the floor, but not without trying (especially on Pooka’s part!).  Pooka seems to think climbing the trunk of the tree is fun this year.  He hasn’t done that in years.  I have no idea what brought this on.  It’s been somewhat of a Christmas war in our house – us not wanting the cats to eat/knock over the tree and them wanting to do whatever it is we don’t want them to do.  It’s making for some interesting evenings.  There may or may not be stuffed animals aimed at said cats to get them to stop attacking the tree.

How are your pets handing all the decor?  Has the tree hit the floor yet?  Tinsel been eaten?  Hopefully your pets are behaving better than mine!

Higgy looks all innocent here. Trust me, he's #2 on the who's under the tree questions. The only kitty who's behaving is Elizabeth!


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