Christmas Challenge: Day 7

Fabulous Christmas reading! Makes great Christmas presents too...that's how I got them!

I am a book fiend.  Yes, a fiend.  I love to read.  Generally, I like to read histories, historical fiction, historical romance (yes, it’s great beach and before bed reading!), and random things.  Sometimes a sci fi book catches my attention, sometimes a biography.  I grew up reading and I knew how to read from a young age.  I can get lost in a book and spend hours sitting around reading until it’s over.

These books are fantastic, especially at the holiday!  How can you not love The Autobiography of Santa Claus?  I had a hard time putting them down when I got them (as Christmas presents).  They were perfect.  The Autobiography of Santa Claus helped me use the treadmill one winter, as the only time I was allowed to read it was when I was walking.  Very motivational.  😉

If you know someone who loves the holidays and loves to read, check out your local book store or Amazon for them.  I completely recommend them.  And just for the record, I am not getting ANYTHING to tell you about the books.  They are holiday favorites of mine and I just wanted to share them with you.

How cute are the spines?

Aren't the designs on the spines great? Thanks for some great books Jeff Guinn!


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