Christmas Challenge: Day 3

The town square in my little town.

Pretty, isn't it? This is a daytime photo, so you can't see there are lights on the tree. At night, the tree is lit with pretty white lights.

I live in a small little town in Central PA.    My little town is so small that there are only 2,350 people according to the 2000 census that live here.  LOL!  That’s a small town!  And apparently there’s only .8 square miles that make up our little slice of the country.  I will say, we are pretty rural, with a small commercial area that gives us a McDonald’s, a grocery store, a gas station, among a few other stores.

Each holiday season, the town decorates the square in town and invites people down to a little party.  They do this several times through out the year actually, there’s a 4th of July celebration and a Halloween one as well.  It really does remind me of a what I consider stereotypical small town behavior.  When the local high school teams are doing well, all the privately owned businesses always put encouraging words on their signs and you should have seen the place in 2004 when the boys baseball team won the state championship!  Where I grew up, there weren’t many squares for the community to gather together.  It’s kinda nice.

So, today is all about celebrating small town holidays.  Does your town have a square with it’s own tree or other festive decorations?  Do they invite people to celebrate together?

And one last photo from today.  I just love Christmas trees!

Evergreen tree. My favorite tree!


One comment on “Christmas Challenge: Day 3

  1. Crystal says:

    Appleton decorates downtown, and there is a small sqaure there with a large evergreen tree that is lit up every Christmas. They also have a “santa scamper” one mile fun run downtown, followed by a nigihttime Christmas parade on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving every year. I’ve never gone to it as it’s usually FREEZING, but they broadcast it on local TV as well.

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