Christmas Challenge: Day 2

Santa's house at the North Pole - unlighted

Santa's House at the North Pole - lighted

Christmas to me is all about traditions – the foods we make, the decorations we put up, the people we visit.  Some how Christmas isn’t Christmas without them.  Today’s image is a small little house I have used to decorate for Christmas for as long as I can remember.  Every year at Christmas, my parents and I would dig out the decorations and this beauty would make it’s way into my bedroom.  And every night before bed, I would plug it in so Santa’s house would light up my bedroom while I slept.  Years ago, this little house had a sign stating it was the North Pole, but with over 25 or more years of packings and unpackings, the sign is lost.  But, every year this house gets put somewhere in my house.  It’s not Christmas without it!

What do you put out every year?  Do you have ornaments, decorations, or recipes that have to be done every year or else it’s just not the same?  Let me know!  I have lots of other items like this around my house to remind  me of the holidays of when I was a child.


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