Christmas Challenge: Day 1

Christmas present

I’m a big fan of crafts.  I do lots of different things, but one of the crafts I’ve been doing the longest is cross-stitching.  I started when I was probably eight or nine, when I received my first stamped cross stitch kit.  Stamped cross-stitch for those who may not know, is when the pattern is literally stamped onto the cloth and you stitch using the colors on the cloth as your guide.  I have since advanced to counted cross-stitch, where you use a pattern and a blank piece of cloth and count the stitches yourself.

I generally make projects to give away.  The ones I make most often are for weddings and babies.  I like giving someone something I spent time doing and something that is uncommon these days.  The project above is going to be a Christmas gift this year.  When the pattern itself is finished, I will mat and frame it for the recipient.  I already have a nice easel to add to the gift.  This way the recipient can just put it on a table come the holidays and not worry about taking down artwork already or putting up a nail just to hang this.

What holiday crafts do you do?


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