Around Philly

Hello All!  I trust you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and have finished all your Christmas shopping.  😉  Our Thanksgiving was  nice and no, I’m not done with my Christmas shopping either.  Plenty of time…plenty of time…

I’m throwing up a few photos from last weekend, finishing off images taken in Philadelphia.  I love going into Philadelphia, honestly.  It’s such a great city!  Lots of things to do, easy to walk around, great food.  It really is one of my favorite cities (I have to admit, London is my favorite.  Shhh…don’t tell Philly!).  So much to photograph in Philadelphia, but I limited myself to just a few fun photos for today.

Tomorrow, I’m announcing a challenge I’m undertaking.  If you’re a photographer, professional or amatuer, feel free to join in.  More details tomorrow though!  I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.

But, for now, photos of Philadelphia!

We were up early (5:00 a.m.) for the Philadelphia Half Marathon last Sunday. When we left the hotel, it was still black out. As we waited for the race to start, the sun rose over the city. I loved how the sky looked through these trees near the Art Museum.

This gorgeous church is the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. It was still too early to see people going to services, but I am sure it is as gorgeous inside as it is outside. Look at those doors! And the statues on the second level. Beautiful.

In front of the Art Museum in Philadlephia (which you can see in the background) is a Eakins Oval. In the center of Eakins Oval is a very large statue. This lady is just one of several statues surrounding the focal point statue of George Washington.

At the top of the Bejamin Franklin Parkway, across from the Art Museum (yes, THAT Art Museum, the one where Rocky climbed the famous stairs) is a beautiful fountain. Four large sculptures blow out water into the fountain while smaller animal sculptures blow water as well. I had seen this fountain from afar, but never close up before. If you look closely at the green statue on the left, you can see the Art Museum in the background.

Suburban Station is an underground rail station that is part of Philadelphia's SEPTA rail system. Opened on September 28, 1930, it was a stub-end station replacing the above ground Broad Street Line. Almost all trains make a stop at this station, which was recently renovated in 2007. The architecture of the building really drew me in, as it is so classic of art deco design.

I am addicted to beautiful doors. I really believe a gorgeous door says a lot about a building. I was addicted when we were in Europe to taking door photographs. When we walked by a church in Center City Philadelphia and saw these doors I stopped mid-step to get an image. Oh what I wouldn't give to photograph a couple in front of them!


2 comments on “Around Philly

  1. You don’t happen to have a picture of these doors from a little further back, or one that has a little more of the doors vertically, do you? I really want a picture like this to use on my christmas cards this year.

  2. I love the doors. What’s the name of the church?

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