Philadelphia City Hall at night

This past weekend, hubby and I ventured to Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon.  This is the second year the hubby has run the half marathon, which is awesome in my opinion.  I took the camera along for some photo fun and had a good time playing with locations and time of day shots.

Philadelphia City Hall to me is a beautiful old building.  It was built from 1871 to 1901, with the goal of being the tallest building in the world.  By the time it was finished, sadly it was surpassed by the Eiffel Tower (Paris) and the Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.), though it did carry the distinction of being the tallest building in Pennsylvania and the tallest inhabitable building.  Until 1987, it was the tallest building in Philadelphia, until One Liberty Center was built, breaking the “gentleman’s agreement” that no building in Philadelphia would be taller than William Penn’s hat.  Rumor has it that after One Liberty Center was built, William Penn became so angry he cursed all the Philly sports to not win a championship.   Twenty-five years later this was broken (2008) when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series.  After they won, construction workers on a new high rise building took photographs of a small statue of William Penn they soldered to the tallest part of the building, once again allowing William Penn the tallest location in the City.

City Hall has 700 rooms and is the largest munciple building in the United States and fifth largest in the world.  It houses all three branches of government – the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  The large statue of William Penn adorning the top of the clock tower is the largest statue atop any building in the world.  He faces Northeast, towards the section of the city where he signed a treaty with the local Native American tribe who gave him rights to the area.  The tower in which William Penn is located contains an observation deck; the only such deck in the city.  It is accessed through a glass enclosed elevator, which allows visitors to see the inner construction of City Hall.  City Hall is on the National Historic Landmark registry and in 2006, was named a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Walking up to City Hall, these flags are on the right hand side. I thought it appropriate to capture City Hall and the flags.

City Hall is just a beautiful building. Loved how the moon shone over it Saturday evening.

I love this image with the tree branches. Taken from across the street, I looked up through the bare branches and just loved the look. Reminds me of Halloween and yet, here we are just days away from the American Thanksgiving holiday.

A side view of City Hall. No matter what angle you have, the building is gorgeous. I'm a sucker for good architecture.

A view of City Hall from Broad Street. This is where championship parades pass in Philadelphia, it's where the theaters are, and some really wonderful restaurants. And it's where lots of Philadelphia brides and grooms have their photo taken on their wedding day. I love seeing that shot of the bridal couple in front of City Hall.


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