Susquehanna River…from above

Two of the parking garages from Sunday faced the Susquehanna River.  If you’re never seen it, it’s a beautiful river that starts in NY and ends at the Chesapeake.  Our little area has been built up nicely with a walking/running path along Front Street, several picturesque bridges, and taking one of the islands and making it a fun recreational area.

So, on a beautiful Friday, here are some pretty photos of the Susquehanna River from above.

Super Wide Angle. Houses and businesses leading up to the bridge to City Island. This bridge is pedestrian only, which is really nice when you walk across and not have to worry about traffic.

If you click on the image to make it larger, you will see people running on the bridge. Sunday was the Harrisburg Marathon and runners crossed the bridge to City Island to finish. We could hear the cheering from across the river.

Another Super Wide Angle. I'm realy liking this lens. Looking up the river you see the edge of City Island and more pretty houses in Harrisburg.

The last parking garage we entered was at sunset. When the sun goes down over the river, it is just beautful. Will be going back to get a ground eye view soon!

This view is also at sunet looking the opposite way. The bridges you see are vehicular bridges, where people can travel over the Susquehanna River from East Shore to West Shore and back.


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