Market Square Presbyterian Church

I love old things.  I do.  I’m a history geek.  I love going to museums, old houses, churches, historical buildings.  Give me a great exhibit and I’m there.  I love adaptive reuse – taking an old historic building, updating it, and using it for a modern use.   The people who do this are my heroes.  It’s so easy to want to tear down and rebuild, but to take a beautiful old building and give it new life?  Ahhh…makes my heart happy.

As the group headed to our last stop on the photo walk, we came to the Market Square Presbyterian Church.  Gorgeous.  Seriously.  There are some seriously lucky people who marry in this church and all I saw was the outside.  I could imagine such fabulous photo ops here.  Made my heart want to photograph a cute couple in front of it.

Here are some of my favorites from the church.  I took a bunch, but I like these the best.  Maybe it’s just me and my love of history, but you have to respect a church that has been in Harrisburg since 1794.

Look at those spirals! Gorgeous. And with the sun setting, the sky had a fabuous blue color. Love it!

The Steeple. The sky is killing me! Oh how I love steeples...

Beautiful, no? It's so gothic. It makes me think a little piece of Europe was transported to Harrisburg.

Love the clouds and modern building reflected in the glass. The contrast of old and new side by side? Aweome! Next to the church is a modern parking garage. At least the church members have a place to park!

See? 1794. Post-Revolutionary War, but still before the nineteenth century. I am always in awe when I encounter a building several hundred years old. The pure history of it fascinates me. One of the reasons I realy like the East Coast. We may not have the history of Europe, but it's great to walk down cobblestone streets and see buildings from the 1700s mixing with modern office high rises.


3 comments on “Market Square Presbyterian Church

  1. The church building you photographed was actually built in 1860–it being the third building the Market Square Presbyterian Church has occupied. So, while the church has been in existence since 1794, this particular building has not.

  2. It’s true–what John says–if you loved the outside of the church, you will love the inside too. So much more to photograph.
    Lovely photos of the steeple and various spires.

  3. I hope you don’t mind, but I just put a link to this blog page on the Facebook page of Market Square Church. Drop me a line sometime if you’d like to see inside! There are many photos on our FB page, too.

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