Interesting is everywhere

Ever think you are somewhere that hasn’t anything interesting to share?  I was getting that feeling myself Sunday in the parking garages we visited.  But, I kept looking around.  Not just at what I could see of Harrisburg from the top, but what was right there in front of me.  As I looked, I found more and more.  it was like a treasure hunt.  What would each parking garage present?  And I found a few things that I thought interesting.  What do you think?

Heavy metal cables to keep your car from driving into the ones below. These were the first interesting things I found.

I thought this was an interesting design. Basket weavesque.

Birds are a problem apparently for parking garages. These spikes lined the entire top of the second parking garage.

Did you think I was done with the super wide angle? It was the perfect lens for a spiriling parking garage.

As we were leaving this parking garage for the next, this just screamed out to me. Awesome.

The third parking garage. Complete open construction. Such interesting lines...

Through the parking garage levels. This took quite a while to get, but it makes me think of infinity.




3 comments on “Interesting is everywhere

  1. Mo says:

    Great exercise in lines and patterns

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