Fulton Bank Building, Harrisburg, PA

On Sunday, I participated in a photo walk offered by the Harrisburg Camera Club through the city of Harrisburg.  I did a photo walk over the summer with the 3rd Annual Scott Kelby Photo Walk in July, but I am always willing to go out and see things in a new way, so I headed up to Harrisburg to see where we might head off to.  Turns out, this photo walk was different from the Kelby walk and we would see things in a new way.  Our photo walk leader planned the whole walk for the tops of parking garages in the city.  Something I was not expecting.  And honestly, a new perspective on photographing Harrisburg.  I have used a parking garage before to take photos (Philadelphia), but it was not the sole purpose of the trip.

I have lots of photos from Sunday, all taken from a perspective I had not truly considered before.  I highly recommend going to new heights and checking out a parking garage for a new look to your images.  You just never know what will happen or what you might see.

Today, I’m starting off with images of the Fulton Bank Building in Harrisburg.  Built in 1930, it is the fifth largest building in Harrisburg at 78.33 meters high and 21 floors.  It is an art deco/art moderne design that is currently used for commercial office space.  Personally, I love the sign at the top of the building.  In July, I took a ton of photos of it from the ground, as it really can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.  On Sunday, I chose to take photos of it for the contrast of ground level to anywhere from 7-12 stories high.  Enjoy!

My very first photograph of the day. Appropriate considering how much I like taking photographs of this building.

How the Fulton Bank Building fits into the Harrisburg skyline. Love the Capital building in the background. I could photograph THAT all day too!

A little super wide angle eye candy. Need to work on it a tad, but oh so fun!

A nice framing technique. The edge of the parking garage framing the Fulton Bank Building.

This angle shows a bit more of what's on the top of the building. I think I like straight on angles better. A much better view of the beautiful red letters.

A great view of the art deco design and how gorgeous the sky was on Sunday. We had incredible weather - 60s during the day with just awesome sun. Not all that common for this part of the country.

Love this one! This is the only image taken from the ground. The building in front is fabulous. One of the older buildings in Harrisburg and I love the idea of seeing two older buildings together, as it was years ago.


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