This has been an adventuresome week.  My poor little Higgy cat has been ill.  It started Sunday when he couldn’t keep anything down.  We eventually took him to the emergency vet Sunday night.  There, they told us he has a heart murmur and a “Valentine’s heart.”  This means his heart is shaped more like a the type of heart you get on Valentine’s Day than the one you should have in your chest.  Monday, we took him to our vet to see if they could determine anything.  He agreed Higgy has a murmur and his heart is enlarged, but he wasn’t concerned.  Blood work was taken to see how his hyperthyroid medication was working and to see if there were any other issues discoverable through blood tests.  Turned out his medication was working too well!  A normal thyroid number is 2.  When we took him in several weeks ago, it was 7, so hence the medication.  When he was tested Monday, his number was .5.  So, it’s working…a little too well!  And fantastically enough, the rest of his blood work came back perfect.  Before we left, he was given an interveneous fluid sac and anti-nausea meds.

Sadly, when the anti-nausea meds wore off to Tuesday night, he started getting sick again.  Which worried us no end.  Called the doctor yesterday and low and behold, we now thing he has a stomach virus.  Poor boy!  So, he now has two types of medications – an antibiotic to help combat the virus and a pepto-type medication to help settle his stomach.  Did you know for a long time you could give a cat Pepto?  They had to stop though when the formula was changed.  I thought that was interesting.

So, today is the first full day of medication.  Here’s hoping the cute little tabby cat starts feeling better.


One comment on “Higgy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look at that pretty face! It’s gotta be illegal to be that cute, I could punch him! ❤

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