Korean War Memorial

From the District of Columbia’s WWI memorial, we walked towards the Lincoln Memorial.  I suggested we stop at the Korean War Memorial, as I believe a good number of people skim over it in their haste to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial.  I personally really like the Korean War Memorial.  Maybe it’s because I’m a bit on the literal side.  Maybe it’s because my father fought in Korea.  I don’t know, but I do know I admire the design of this memorial and as the wall to the right of the memorial says – Freedom Is Not Free.

A quick history lesson for you:  The Korean War is more often referred to in the U.S. as a police action, as Congress never formally declared war.  Post WWII, the Allied powers attempted to break up Korean along the 38th Parallel.  In 1948, free elections were to be held, but never did.  The area north of the 38th Parallel decided on a communist government.  Over the next few months, relations were tense with minor border skirmishes along the border, until June 25, 1950, when the North Korean Army attacked South Korea.  The United Nations, and specifically the United States, came to the defense of South Korea to repel the North Korean army.   The Republic of China came to the aid of North Korea, and when the Soviet Union began supporting China, the idea of a nuclear war persuaded the sides to agree to an armistice.   The border was re-established near the 38th Parallel and a new Demilitarized Zone was formed in 1953.  To this day, there has been no official end to the Korean “War” and skirmishes do occur from time to time. (paraphrased from Wikipedia.com)







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