World War I Memorial

From the World War II memorial, we walked to the World War I memorial.  You may ask, “there’s a WWI memorial on the Mall in D.C.?”  Yes, my friends there is.  Sadly, it is only a memorial to the men and women from the Washington, D.C. area who fought in the war to end all wars.  Currently, there is no national monument dedicated to the men and women who served this county in WWI.  A disgrace in my opinion.  But, if you head left of the World War II memorial along Independence Avenue, there is a small memorial (in comparison to the other memorials on the mall) dedicated to those who fought for our country in WWI.

On a previous visit to D.C., we had found this monument and were amazed it was there.  No one had ever seen it before, it is that off the beaten track.  But, it is a nice memorial, if not a bit run down.  At the time, we said it needed work done, as small pieces of it were chipping off.  Apparently, we were heard because federal stimulus money was set aside to repair the memorial.  We found that out Saturday when we went by the memorial and it was fenced off for repair work.  I was very happy to see that.

There is a push to make the District of Columbia’s World War I memorial the national WWI memorial.  While I 100% agree the men and women of WWI deserve and need to be recognized for their sacrifice, I almost wish they would be honored with a more prominent and visible memorial.  On the other hand, if this is it, then it needs to be done quickly, as there is only one living US WWI veteran alive today.  We should not ignore the sacrifice made by these men and women.  A memorial should be dedicated to them and quickly.

The top of the WWI mememorial. It is set off to the side in a grove of trees along Indpendence Street in West Potomac Park.

Repair work has begun on the District of Columbia's World War I memorial. With federal stimulus funds, the work began in October 2010. According to the Associated Press, "Contractors will clean and restore the stone and repoint the memorial's joints. Electrical systems and lighting will be replaced. Landscaping will be overhauled and nonnative plants removed to restore an open lawn around the memorial. New bluestone paving will be modeled on the original 1930s design."


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