Democracy in America

Yea, I know this title was already taken.  Trust me, I know.  Read the book in high school.  I will tell you, don’t read it.  Bah!  Boring book, small print.  I’ll tell you how it ends, d’Tocqueville liked America.  He believed this nation would become great.  Thanks there buddy.  Appreciate the support.  Could you write a little less boring next time?

Anyway…I’m not into politics and you won’t see anything from me on it…except today.  😉  This past Tuesday was election day and no matter how it turned out where you are (not everyone I voted for got elected), it is a wonderous thing we can peaceably go to the polls and cast our ballot.  Our little corner of the world has our voting station up the street, so while we live in the middle of nowhere, on voting day we can actually walk somewhere.  So, off we went Tuesday to push the button (or in our case the screen) to be part of the democratic process (which, by the way, we really aren’t a democracy…).  After wards, we hit the hallway to partake in after election snacks.  Yes, our polling station provides snacks.  I don’t know if they are bribing us to vote or are just so grateful we came out they feed us, but whatever the case, we look forward to the snacks.  This year the options were donuts, sandwiches or pizza.  You could also have coffee or hot chocolate.  How can you NOT vote when given these choices?  Here was what got my vote on Tuesday.

Chocolate covered with autumn dyed coconut donut. Yum!

Can you tell I'm loving the Super Wide Angle lens?


2 comments on “Democracy in America

  1. higpoo says:

    I don’t think the donuts are wide spread. I hear from many people around the country that our snacks are rare. The first year (2004) we were here, the spread was MUCH bigger. It’s not bad, I mean come on, donuts! But, there was way more options in ’04 – donuts, cookies, brownies, pizza, chips, pretzels. This year, the donuts were donated by Dunkin Donuts and the pizza from Papa John’s. LOL!

  2. OK – NJ sucks. You know what I get when I vote? A thanks for voting. In PA you get donuts? Man, did I pick the wrong state to live in!

    Well – technically, my son’s school has a PTA election day bake sale, but I have to vote in a different school because I haven’t change my voter address yet (shhh, don’t tell) because it is more convenient because it is at my bus stop, but what is the sense in having to buy back your own baked goods anyway??? UGH!

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