Super Wide Angle

Toys are so much fun!  I don’t care how old you are, no matter what your age, there is a toy out there for you.  For some people it’s cars, for some it’s electronics.  For photographers it’s new lenses.  And for my birthday this year I was lucky enough to receive a Lensbaby Super Wide Angle lens.

This past Saturday, hubby and I headed off to Pinchot State Park to check out the fall color (hoping it was better than what I saw in Harrisburg) and to play with my new lens.  I took a couple shots with the regular lens, then switched it out to the super wide angle and just played.  Had so much fun!  Really, it’s a great lens for neat effects.  Some of my favorites from Saturday.

Love how soft this is. The effects of the lens vary depending on how close or far away you are to the object you are photographing.

Not all the trees had changed colors. Wish I knew more about trees to tell you why...

The same tree from the previous photo, just singled out.

My favorite image of the day. It makes me feel like I'm moving too fast, even when sitting, but wow. I love it!

There is a lake at Pinchot State Park. From a small sitting area out on the lake, I took this photo. I liked how the water is comign to shore.

These next three photos are of the same path flanked by the stones. I just loved this area! Could you imagine a family or couple session right here?

Varying your angle on a photo can give you so many more options than just standing at shooting straight ahead. I knelt down for this image.

For this image, I sat on the ground. Thank heavens I was wearing jeans!

The first to change. It takes courage to be the first. And the tree looks beautiful for it.


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