Seeking Central PA Captains

How fun would it be to have a photograph here? There's also a play pirate ship just to the left of the Captain's wheel that would make for some great photos too!

Friday afternoon I headed off to Harrisburg and City Island for some fall color.  Sadly, there wasn’t much going on color wise either in Harrisburg or on the Island.  I’m not sure if they just didn’t have the right trees or they just hadn’t turned yet, but it was a sad day when it came to color seeking.

What I did find was that City Island is awesome with so many photo opportunities!  Every time I turned a corner, it seemed I could SEE a couple or a family just WAITING to  be photographed there… The playground, the bath house, the train tracks.  It was all there before me, screaming out for a a couple, a family…someone!

So, if you’re in the Harrisburg/Hershey/York/etc. area and would like to have some photos of you and your significant other (engagement/anniversary/etc.) or you and your family, let me know!  I really want to go and play.  I will say, with the weather getting colder, you may want to do this soon.   But, I’m a cold weather gal, so I’m up to whenever!


2 comments on “Seeking Central PA Captains

  1. higpoo says:

    Well then, we will make sure to do so! The playground really is fun. If I were a kid, I would have a blast! Though, they are missing swings. But, I think most playgrounds are these days…

  2. I have 2 little scally wags that totally need their pictures taken next time we are in the York area!

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