San Francisco Giants v. Philadelphia Phillies

After the Eagles game on Sunday, we weren’t done with sports.  Oh no!  Not by a long shot.  While baseball is over for the vast majority of teams in Major League Baseball, my boys in the white and red pinstripes play on.  They are currently fighting for their lives in the National League Championship Series versus the San Francisco Giants.  At the time of these photographs, the Phils were down 0-1 in the series and with Roy Oswalt on the mound, the Philly phaithful (yes, that’s spelled correctly) knew we were coming back!   Things have not quite kept going the way we would hope they would, but their is always hope my friends.  Here are some photos from Sunday night’s game.

The view from our seats. I generally prefer behind the plate, but with play-off games beggers can't be choosers. 🙂

The National League Championship Series logo on the field. There was on on the first base side and one on the third base side; this is third base.

Exchanging the line-up cards at home plate. Always very polite.

The following are photographs of Roy Oswalt’s first pitch of the game.

Shane Victorino's first at-bat

Chase Utley's first at-bat

Placido Polanco's first at-bat. Found out today that Polly was born the day after I was! Happy belated Polly!

Ryan Howard's first at-bat

Jason Werth's first at-bat

Jimmy Rollins' first at-bat

Chase Utley scoring the first run of the night.

Raul Ibanez's first at-bat

Carlos Ruiz's first at-bat

Roy Oswalt's first at-bat. In the National League pitcher's bat.

Though it is pretty rare to see them on the base pads. Or scoring! Which Oswalt did this inning, running right through Sam Perlozzo's stop sign.

Last out of the game. Phew! A win for the Fightin's!


2 comments on “San Francisco Giants v. Philadelphia Phillies

  1. higpoo says:

    Thanks! Your camera may have this setting, I’m not sure. Check your manual for a continuous shoot setting. This allows you to hold the button down and have the camera take photos one after another. The newer your camera, the quicker the shutter releases, giving you photos that mimic the action – like stop motion. On my DSLR, I have the setting and used that to take the first pitch photos. It’s fun for things like that.

  2. How did you do that first pitch thing? That is TOTALLY awesome!

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