Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

My household is big on sports. We are fans of such teams as the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies, Baltimore Orioles, York Revolution, and the Hershey Bears. We generally wish well on the Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers, though we don’t follow them as closely as the others. Hubby is the big football fan in the house and every year he heads off to Philly to catch a couple games. The last few years I’ve had the chance to go as well…as long as we have seats. I’m not a standing room only girl. LOL!

This past Sunday we had tickets to see the Atlanta Falcons take on the Philadelphia Eagles at home. It’s always fun to tail gate for awhile, then head into the stadium. I think we had the best seats we’ve ever had at this game – 50 yard line, even if we were in the nose-bleed section. 🙂 It was a great game and I am now 4-0 in home games and with Kevin Kolb starting. Guess I should just keep going to games, huh?

I love taking photos at the games. I seriously would LOVE to be a sports photographer! Getting the shot at JUST the right moment. SO great! Here are some of my favorites from Sunday.

Our seats for Sunday's game. Love the fish eye look!

The Falcons won the coin toss and chose to receive. David Akers kicking off.

Personally, if I were chosing, I would elect to receive. I like having the ball first in the 2nd half of the game.

But, it all worked out in the end. The kick was great, ended up in the opposite end zone and the Eagles kept the Falcons from scoring on their first possession.

Kevin Kolb's first series of the game. It went very well...very well indeed.

The Eagles scored on their first possession...and never really looked back. Kolb did great and I just read today he received NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his work against the Falcons.

David Akers kicks the extra point after the Eagles first touch down.

The kick went through the uprights. Very exciting!

Sadly, Akers wasn't as clutch the rest of the game, he missed three other kicks. Thankfully they didn't impact the net outcome of the game.

DeSean Jackson on the first punt return of the game for the Eagles.

DeSean is one of the most popular players on the Eagles team with the fans.

This could be because he's fast, has great moves, and can be pretty darn funny in the post-game interviews.

Walking around the stadium and checking out tailgating prior to the game, there's a sea of Jackson jerseys. I am the odd ball with the Brent Celek jersey.

Love this shot! Love when I capture the action and unusual positions. I will say, he was perfectly fine after this play.

Sadly, DeSean was hit hard on a play in the 2nd quarter and sustained a severe concussion from a helmet to helmet hit. It was nasty and the mood in the stadium was tense. According to team reports, he's going better, but he won't play this week.


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