The home stretch

Awww…the end of the alphabet. So interesting to find. Z was tough! I have several Z designs, but this one worked best. If you haven’t tried the Alphabet Game, try it next time you’re on vacation. I know I will! I can’t wait to spell out the name of our trip in letters found on vacation. What a fantastic souvenir that will make hanging on the wall!

Brochure holder. Worked out well. I also got the letter S right around here.

The floor of the casino. Not bad, huh? I love the colors in Paris. So Parisian. LOL!

I had another light for W, then we saw this one. I believe this one is a better representation of W.

X seriously has to be the easist letter to find in architecture! So many designs involve Xs. It was one of the first letters, even if it's really hard to use in real life.

Y was difficult too actually. This is the only thing I saw that could be considered a Y. In an entire casino, this is the only Y two people could make out. Wow. One tough letter!

Yea, Z was hard too. I don't know what it is about the end of the alphabet - we don't use the letters much and man are they hard to find! But find it we did...even if it was one of the last letters before heading home!


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