Nearing the end…

Can I just tell you how hard Q is to find in architecture? Seriously. It is not an easy thing to do. It was one of the hardest letters to find. R was tough too actually… Maybe it was just where we were taking the images, but wow. Some letters just did NOT want to be found! We found ’em though. They can hide, but eventually we’ll find ’em. Check out P through T.

I also got the letter A from this area of Paris. Behind this grill work was a lingerie store. 😉

Hubby again! It took us FOREVER to get this one just right. But, it was worth it!

More scroll work. It's a stretch, but it works.

I found this one early on. It is not the letter S in a word, but decoration on a bank of slot machines. I was thrilled how much it looked like an S.

Concrete wall. LOL! Makes a perfect T where the concrete comes together, if framed just right.


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