Some of the more popular letters

I love this game! Here are letters K through O. K took forever to find! There were several letters we just couldn’t get. At one point we almost gave up, but we persevered and got all 26. 🙂

This one took awhile to find. The design on the door finally made it clear to us it was a K in waiting.

L's generally aren't too hard to find. Signs make excellent Ls.

Hubby again found this one. I was off photographing a different letter when he suggested this as the M. I think it worked well.

This was a base of a staircase. Thanks for making the N so easy to find!

Gorgeous flooring, isn't it? It was one of the first letters, but then again, O is a pretty easy letter to find in architecture.


One comment on “Some of the more popular letters

  1. Nicole says:

    Maybe I’m biased because of my name, but I like the N.

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