Chocolate Covered Candy Corn

I don’t know about you, but I”m a HUGE fan of fall.  It’s honestly the best time of year in my opinion.  All sorts of yummy foods, the weather is gorgeous, and well…it’s my birthday.  😉  I tend to go overboard with all things pumpkin/apple/candy this time of year.  And Target (not a plug) keeps me happy each year with their odd flavors of candy corn.  Now, I can be as snobby as the next person with candy, but there is just something about candy corn that makes me happy.  Maybe it just reminds me of being a kid, but whatever the case, it’s one of my favorite fall treats.  Well, last year I tried S’Mores candy corn from Target (good, better when a tad bit stale).  This year, I almost jumped for joy when I saw in the sale circular CHOCOLATE COVERED CANDY CORN.  Yes, chocolate covered candy corn.

So, I headed to Target yesterday to obtain said candy corn for research purposes…yea…research purposes.  I wanted to make sure they were as tasty as they looked.  They were pretty easy to find (among the odd flavored candy corn – apple and strawberry – as well as S’Mores).  I grabbed a bag and made my happy little way to the register.  Came home and decided chocolate covered candy corn would make an excellent dessert.  🙂  So, after dinner I opened the bag and partook in some candy.

I will say it was tasty.  I was not as thrilled with it as I thought I would be.  The bag has regular candy corn, as well as chocolate covered pieces and while the regular corn tasted normal, I just wasn’t as impressed with the chocolate covered pieces.  But, I will continue to eat the bag.  No sense in it going to waste…

The journey begins...


I'm a big fan of fonts. This one yells Halloween to me.

Loved the goth look to the bag.

Don't they look tempting?

What's inside the chocolate covered candy corn?


One comment on “Chocolate Covered Candy Corn

  1. Marge says:

    The rootbeer cheesecake looked like a tastier dessert. LOL.

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