Philadelphia Phillies v. New York Mets

If you hadn’t noticed, I’m a huge baseball fan.   I grew up in South Jersey, so I have a natural affinity for the Philadelphia Phillies.  Honestly, I’ve followed them since 1986 and for the most part, they haven’t been the most successful team in Major League Baseball.  LOL! Lately though…they have been one of the best franchises in the league.  Makes being a fan a whole lot better.  🙂

I try to get to several games a year, usually Opening Day and Fan Appreciation Day.  This year was no exception and this past Sunday was Fan Appreciation Day.  It was also the chance for the Phils to clinch the NL East for the fourth consecutive year.  We were there in 2007 and it was an amazing experience to be there when they clinched.  I was hoping they would clinch while we were there, but sadly they had other ideas.  Ugh.

Here are some fun shots from Sunday’s game.  Enjoy!

Starting pitcher Cole Hamels warming up in the Phillies bullpen. He's had an amazing season...sadly, his record doesn't reflect that.

Cole continuing to warm up. He had a good game overall.

The managers meeting with the umpires before the game. It always confuses me when the Mets play the Phils as both their manager's last name is Manuel.

The Philadelphia skyline from our seats. Many people think that sign should be removed so to better see it. Initially, the sign was there when Veterans Stadium housed the Phillies. Since the Vet didn't have a view of the City, it didn't matter, but with the new stadium, it does interfer a bit.

Cole Hamels first pitch of the game.

Love my fisheye! This might be one of my favorite shots. Personally, I love these seats even if they are the 400 level. They are right over the plate and are fairly affordable.

Shane Victorino's first pitch of the game - strike 1.

It wouldn't be a game if I didn't take photos of Chase Utley. He's my favorite player. He's been with the Phils since 2003 and is a big part of their success over the past six years.

Bullpen activity. Prior to the stadium opening in 2004, the Phils initially had the home team bullpen on top and the opposing team on the bottom. After the first on-deck series, the Phils switched and have been on the bottom since the first official home game in 2004.

This one may not be safe for work. 😉 The Phillies do a bunch of give aways during the game and one of them is the Phillie Phanatics game jersey. He was a tad bashful after it was removed.

The Big Piece at the plate. Ryan Howard is a phenominal player and along with Utley, one of the reasons the Phillies have been so good the last few years.


4 comments on “Philadelphia Phillies v. New York Mets

  1. avg says:

    we gon’ party tonight

  2. Marge says:

    That sign does stick out like a sore thumb! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Nice job!

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