The holidays are right around the corner

I know, who wants to think about the holidays?  It’s still September and there’s plenty of time before the holidays- there’s still Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving.  Yup, you’re 100% right.  Lots of time between now and then, but if you want holiday cards with your family’s or children’s photograph on them, now’s the time to start thinking!

There are officially 88 days until Christmas, 64 days until Hanukkah, and 89 days until Kwanzaa, but if you factor in the time to have the photographs taken, have them developed, chose your cards, order your cards, receive your cards, then mail your cards, honestly, it’s time to get those images taken!  Or if you chose to forego holiday cards and send out Thanksgiving cards (which are becoming much trendier than Christmas/holiday cards), well the time line has just been moved up!

There is still time to get those great family pictures done for your holiday cards this year.  I have availability for you and your family currently and would love the opportunity to capture your family’s memories.  This time of year is fantastic for photographs!  So many fun places to go to, so much beautiful light, and the weather?  Gorgeous!  Fall really is the perfect time to get those images of your family.

Contact me today about setting up your session.  These days go so quickly (can you believe it’s been a month since school started up again?!?), don’t let them pass you by without having them captured.  I look forward to chatting with you about your family and how we can make these memories last not just for your lifetime, but for generations to come.


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