Revolution Play-Off Baseball

Something about me you may not know.  I’m a HUGE baseball fan.  Have been since I was 12 years old and played softball.  I was my team’s catcher, though I started out at third, then short stop.  My team, sadly, was horrendous.  And I mean that.  In the three years I played for the Blue Jays, my team won two games.  Yes, two games in three years.  But, you know what?  Almost no one on our team wanted off.  We had such a good time together, had a great coach, and just enjoyed hanging out together that two wins in three years was acceptable.  At the end of my first year, no one our team made the All-Star team, surprise, surprise.  LOL!  But, some people who did, didn’t show up.  So, since our WHOLE team came out to watch the game (not play in it mind you, but WATCH it), they asked a few of us to fill in.  I got the catcher’s position.  Scary at first, then I LOVED it.  Played it the rest of my softball career and now always has a soft spot for those who play the position.

Anyway…hubby and I love baseball.  I’m a HUGE Phillies fan (since 1986 thankyouverymuch) and he’s an Orioles fan.  About four years ago, our little town joined the Atlantic League (which is not part of MLB, but an independent league) and have been season ticket  holders ever since.  Currently, the Revolution (so named because the Articles of Confederation were written here) are in the Atlantic League play-offs and on Wednesday and Thursday nights we were in the stands rooting on the home team.  They split the series at home and have since hit the road and are now 2-1 in the series.  They could clinch the series tonight and be onto the World Series of Atlantic League baseball this coming Wednesday (honestly, I have no idea what the final series is called).  Thought I would share some photos from Wednesday night’s game.  Enjoy some play-off baseball!

National Anthem. The vocalist was amazing, one of the best the Revs have had all year.

First pitch. Matt DeSalvo was dominant through 6.2 innings giving up only two hits. Way to go DeSalvo!

John Pachot hitting a bases clearing double in the first inning, giving the Revolution a 6-0 lead, which they used to cruise to a 10-1 win.

Downtown - the Revolution's mascot. He reminds me of a cute mascot from the Galapagous Islands. 😉

The opposing team's bullpen. The visiting team's bullpen is down the third baseline, the Rev's is down the first baseline. Every so often an errant ball gets by the catcher and winds up at third base.

So, yea. In the top of the 4th inning the skies opened up and we enjoyed an hour rain delay. The rain was fierce! We had a good time chatting with other fans in the concourse area. After the storm moved past, the temperatures were nice and there were no more interruptions.

The view from the cheap seats. In the outfield the team set up a grass field where you can bring lawn chairs or blankets to watch the game. This is your view from there. Our seats are on the third base line, though it's too far away to see from here.

It was a great game Wednesday night and I’m looking forward to hearing how they do tonight.  Hoping I’ll be checking out some more Revolution play-off baseball next week!


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