York Fair

This past Friday night, hubby and I traveled down to York to visit the York Fair. It happens each September and lasts nine days. According to the website, the traditions of fairs in the New World began with the York Fair, America’s first fair, held in the historic old Town of York in 1765, eleven years before the nation was founded. A charter to hold that fair was granted to the people of York by Thomas Penn, son of William Penn in recognition of “the flourishing state to which the town hath arrived through their industry.” Those early gatherings were reported to have been “the liveliest days of the whole year.

There’s all sorts of fun things to do at the Fair! We saw baby chicks and ducks (both of whom I wanted to take home with me!), a cabin made out of a Redwood tree, all sorts of “freak show” type attractions, rides, and of course FOOD! Our palates enjoyed fried Oreos and pumpkin funnel cake this year. Both were delicious, but we desperately needed water by the time we were done!

Here are just a few photos taken from this year’s visit to the York Fair!

The sky was just amazing Friday night! I just loved how it looked against all the rides and lights of the Fair.

There is nothing exciting about this photo, but I thought it fun. By the time I took this photo we had already decided on our Fair snacks, so no Bucket of Fries for us! Though I did see someone eating fries out of a white dog dish while walking around. I have NO idea where that came from!

The magical pumpkin funnel cake. I must confess, I love funnel cake. Maybe it's the shore girl in me, but I've always loved it. I try to restrain myself to one a year. I think that's reasonable. I have already had one this year, but I couldn't pass up PUMPKIN funnel cake. And I'm so glad I didn't! It was delicious! I don't know how I'm going to go back to regular funnel cake now...

The Ferris Wheel and sky. Aren't they both amazing? I became quite addicted to taking photos of the Ferris Wheel. It was just so pretty!

Yup, more Ferris Wheel. Love it! I would have taken TONS of pictures of it, but I didn't want to bore the hubby. So glad we went at night. This wouldn't have looked half as good in daylight!


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